A blurb about jewelry-making.


The bracelet I made

Francesca Macomber, Staff Writer

Last week, I spoke about bread-making. The week before, the beloved art of soap-making. Today, I’m writing about jewelry, and the process of crafting it.
I’ve made multiple different forms of jewelry, and I’d like to share the experience with you.
I’ve crocheted bracelets, paper earrings, and various bracelets and even rings.
To start off, I’ll discuss the most simple form- earrings. Any local craft store typically has earring-backings, such as Michael’s. Making earrings really just involves finding a cute charm and attaching it to the backing. Usually, your charm will have a loop, and you can slip it into a simple hook that fits through your ear. I’ve also made earrings with cute paper-tags, and acquiesces of mine have crafted origami-stars to dangle from their ears.
Though the origami can get complicated, making and finding things to hang on earrings in your daily life is always a fun challenge, and the jewelry-item itself takes less than thirty-seconds to attach.
The second-easiest thing to make, in my opinion, are necklaces. My most favorite handmade piece is a choker I crafted from small, rainbow-colored loops that I purchased for three or four dollars online. It was cheap, fun to make, and is also a fun splash of color. I’ve also drilled holes through guitar picks so that I can wear them around my neck (it’s also fun to make earrings in the same fashion).
Bracelets can be challenging, depending on the sort. Of course, purchasing a simple charm-bracelet and attaching little trinkets is always a neat affair, though other methods of crafting bracelets can prove to be difficult. Being left-handed, learning to crochet wasn’t an easy venture- however, once I did learn, I started to make bracelets. Being a high-school student can make it hard to have time for blankets or scarves, but friendship bracelets are easy and simple to make. Therefore, they’re definitely worth it. Even simple bead and string would work.
I hope you enjoy jewelry-making as much as I do. Good luck!