Peace out Girl Scout


Some of the most popular cookies in the world PC: Healthline

Trevor Hart, Sports Editor

The Girl Scout Cookie Season is now upon us and almost over as it started in January, continues through late this month. This week I have decided, while it is going to be controversial, to make a top 5 girl scout cookie list. This list is completely based on my opinion and it is fine if you think differently.

Number 5: Shortbread

I decided to put shortbread at number 5 on this list because it is a cookie that generally doesn’t have too much hate towards it. It is also the cookie that that everyone is ok with eating if it is the only one available. But only number 5 on this list because it is not most people’s first choice of a girl scout cookie when there are options. A good question I ask to read to the reader is that if this cookie were the only option available would you still buy it? My personal answer no.

Number 4: Caramel Delights/Samoas

I put Samoas at number 4 on this list because it is a cookie that is liked by most. I say most because some people are not the biggest fan of coconut, but I personally believe it is an amazing combination with a cookie. It is only number 4 on this list however because to me and possibly to others it is not the easiest on ones stomach and will hurt you if you decide to eat the entire box.

Number 3: Thanks a Lots

Thanks a Lots deserves number 3 on this list because it is an amazing cookie with good taste and it is liked by everyone who likes chocolate. It also is ranked highly on this list because it is the biggest if not the second biggest cookie shape wise, which gives you the most of your money. One last detail this cookie has that not most think about, is that it is by far the best girl scout cookie to have with a glass of milk.

Number 2: Smores

It was a close decision to put Smores below Tagalongs, but despite it not being number 1 on this list, Smores are some of the greatest cookies to ever be produced on this planet. It has two flavors(the better of the two being the LA County ones), each with some aspects of flavors to one of the greatest creations ever(that being the smore). Smores are a very safe bet when going to choose a girl scout cookie and honestly should be the number 1 pick if you were concerned about peanut butter.

Number 1: Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs
The crown of girls scout cookies goes to tagalongs. I’d like to say this for a number of reasons. It is hands down the easiest box of cookies to binge eat. It is also a friendly reminder that because you are eating peanut butter it has protein in it which means you should hit the weight room after consuming. And finally, it is the best cookie because it is very well rounded, apart from the allergy concern with peanut butter, and is one of the sweetest tasting cookies on the market.