Mike Bolsinger Suing the Houston Astros

Will Mike Bolsinger get what he wants?


Andrew Chouinard, Staff Writer

The Houston Astros have stirred up a lot of controversy this past off-season with a recent cheating scandal. But, along with being repeatedly scrutinized, the Astros also made countlless enemies, one of which is former MLB pitcher Mike Bolsinger. He faced the Astros in 2017 where they destroyed him with four runs, four hits, and three walks in a third of an inning with only 29 pitches. After that game he never appeared in another major league game. The Toronto Blue Jays, the team he was on, released him and he never played again. When Bolsinger heard about the Astros cheating, he wanted the Astros to forfeit around 31 million dollars to go to charities in Los Angeles that are focused on bettering kids’ lives and to create a fund for retired baseball players who are in need of financial assistance. Bolsinger’s statements were impactful, but one of which that stood out was “And let’s be honest, all these guys are going to get managing jobs again… Guys like us that were cheated? I don’t have a job. I’m not playing”(USA Today). He talked about the punishments that were not enough and that the mangers that were fired will have a job soon, while Bolsinger is jobless and not playing the game he loves. And most should agree with Bolsinger; the punishments given to the mangers involved were not enough and all the players that were cheated are probably out of a job. Fans should pitch in and speak their minds about what they think should happen to the Astros players along with the others that were involved. This past weekend was Spring Training, and in Jose Altuve’s Spring Training debut, he was booed and even grazed by a pitch. Clearly, many are still agitated about the cheating scandal, so why don’t more people speak their minds?