2020 MLB Predictions

Will the MLB 2020 season be like last year or will it be different?


The MLB 2020 season is coming around fast, and now we wait to see what is coming.

Andrew Chouinard, Staff Writer

The 2020 MLB season is right around the corner, and this is when the community start make their predictions for the season, specifically the playoff teams. For starters, I think that the Washington Nationals will return to the playoffs but won’t go all the way to the World Series. With the loss of Anthony Rendon, who helped lead them to the World Series, they probably won’t go all the way. Also, returning to the playoffs will be the Los Angeles Dodgers. They had an amazing season along with Cody Bellinger blowing up, which he could do again. In my opinion, they will go all the way to the World Series. Again, another returning team is the New York Yankees. All I have to say is that they will probably be in the playoffs for a long time. The Atlanta Braves are another team that will make the playoffs. They have a lot of young talent and have made the playoffs the last two years. This one is kind of a stretch, but the Los Angeles Angels might have a spot in the Wild Card (not biased). If they put all of their talents together, their offense will be good. And their pitching in Spring Training has not looked too bad either. A team that I would like to see make the playoffs would be the Philadelphia Phillies. In my opinion, they are underrated and have one of the best catchers in the game, as well as Bryce Harper in right field. And when they signed Didi Gregorious, they secured a shortstop. They have decent pitching that can do alright. The Oakland Athletics are another team that I think will make the playoffs. They have made the playoffs since 2018, and I feel that they can do it again.