Lakers Playoff Bound


Wikimedia Commons

The Los Angeles Lakers clinched a playoff spot for the first time in years.

Matthew Dziadkowicz, Staff Writer

With the season coming to an end shortly, teams are starting to step up their play so they can go on a run and clinch a playoff spot. Luckily, the Los Angeles Lakers aren’t one of those teams and don’t have to worry whether they will miss the playoffs because they have just punched a ticket to the 2020 NBA playoffs by clinching a playoff spot.
The Lakers, who currently have a record of 49-14, clinched a playoff spot just a few days ago. The Lakers are the number one seed in the West, making them the first Western team this season to make this year’s playoffs. The Lakers are one of four teams that have confirmed spots in the playoffs so far. The other three teams who have clinched a spot are the Milwaukee Bucks (53-12), who are currently the number one seed in the East and the number one seen in the League, the Toronto Raptors (46-18), who won the 2019 NBA Championship in a six game series against the Golden State Warriors (15-50) last season, and the Boston Celtics (43-21).
The Lakers could still possibly finish as the number one seed in the league this season as they are not far behind the Bucks. Last week the Lakers beat the Bucks at STAPLES Center, Los Angeles by a score of 113-103. Being the number one seed in the league during the regular season has benefits for the playoffs. If you are the number one seed in the league, you get home court advantage in a series against anyone in the playoffs.
Despite clinching the playoffs, the Lakers are still looking to finish the season strong as they head into the playoffs with a consistent winning record.