COVID-19’s Got The Sports World On Pause



A very boring time is taking place for sports fans.

Matthew Dziadkowicz, Staff Writer

The Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has impacted the whole entire world this month. COVID-19, which originated from Wuhan, China in late December, has been on the rise for months. But recently, it has impacted the world significantly.
The virus has caused the majority of places in the world to shut down as everything seems to be heading for quarantine. One of the massive changes that the United States has suffered from due to this pandemic is all sports shutting down. As of right now, not a single sport is being played.
It all started when the NBA shut down a couple weeks ago. After the NBA’s announcement about its hiatus, it caused every other sport to halt as well. Due to everyone in quarantine right now, people are constantly finding ways to entertain themselves. And with no sports currently being played, this is a very boring time period for a lot of people as sports alone is one of the United States biggest entertainments.
There is no official time or date for how long this is going to continue, but it seems like it could be at least a couple of months. How games and other events will be run afterward is still a mystery as the virus is messing up events and timelines for everything.
The virus is drastically changing everyone’s lifestyles as of right now and will for a while as people still seem to be adapting to it. Hopefully, everything will calm and return to normal as quickly as possible.