NFL Free Agency: The Craziest Off-season Yet

Tom Brady in his new uniform Photocred:

Trevor Hart, Sports Editor

The 2020 NFL season is soon to be underway, but before then, NFL teams determine who they want to keep and cut on their team. These past couple days have been insane and there is still the NFL Draft to come.

Starting with the biggest trade this year, Tom Brady, the most popular and most known player in the world of football, has been traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tom Brady, for those who didn’t know, was with the New England Patriots for 20 years and won six whole super bowls with the franchise. The team saw a decline in the 42 year old quarterback’s ability as he is now considered by some to be too old to play and did not have one of his strongest years last year, but the Buccaneers believe in Brady and signed him to a contract for two years to pay around $60 Million.

Along with TB12 going to Tampa Bay, some notable quarterbacks going to different teams include: Nick Foles going to the Bears, Philip Rivers going to the Colts, Kyle Allen going to the Redskins, Teddy Bridgewater going to the Panthers, Marcus Mariota going to the Raiders and Case Keenum going to the Browns. And that’s only the quarterbacks!

This offseason is crazy and every passing day another very well known NFL player seems to be signing with a different team. This is only the beginning of the year and with all of this madness happening right now, this season is going to be one of the wildest of all time.