Free Time During Quarantine

Stay healthy, and find things to do during this period


Credit to Unsplash…Free time

Francesca Macomber, Staff Writer

During quarantine, it’s important to remember not only to have a positive mindset, but also to recognize that there are multiple things we can be doing while not working on school-work. We should take advantage of this time-period, whether that be to cultivate our talents or learn new skills. For example, my father has started playing guitar again, and my mom has been knitting much more. I’ve been working on writing and drawing, and my brother has been skating in our backyard. Through these tough times, we have to remember that there is always a silver-lining. We may come out of this much more able-minded or bodied and talented than before. We can find time to exercise, or take walks with the family we usually don’t get to see because of work or school. Though it feels as though the virus has completely taken control of our lives, there are several things we can still do in order to take control of our lives. The city of Downey, where I live, has started a new initiative. They are encouraging everyone in the city to put their Christmas lights up, as to quite literally, lighten the mood as people go on walks. There are many more people walking at night, in order to escape their houses and get fresh air. Such a notion is also an option. Furthermore, the Hallmark channel is playing Christmas movies in order to brighten everyone’s spirits. There are crafts to do (my previous articles provide examples), movies to watch, homework to do, and the outside world to explore. Stay safe, and try to have fun.