How is Quarantine Effecting People?

How is being quarantined effecting the way people act?


Being quarantined is changing the way people think and act.

As of recently, People have all been quarantined to stop the spread of the coronavirus. But this quarantine is changing things in big and small ways. These bigger effects this quarantine is having on people are making them do things that you would see in a video game or movie. People are following others from the grocery store and even breaking into others’ houses. Another big effect of the coronavirus and also quarantine is that people are buying loads of stuff from stores all over the place. People are buying way too much and do not even stop and think about how buying loads of food and unnecessary things are not allowing other people to buy things that they need too.

There are also smaller effects that come with quarantine. People are advised to not go outside to stop the spread of the virus, which is affecting people’s plans and ideas to go outside and do something. Another effect of being quarantined, is that you can not go see relatives until they are out of quarantine. Being quarantined also closed most places where loads of people are at one time, one being schools. With schools closed, the students had to stay at home with their families. Now, at first, that does not sound bad, but the schools have to continue their school year. Most schools have made online classes for students to continue their studies at home. But it is not a lot of work, so students are not overwhelmed with school work and any other responsibilities they have.

The coronavirus and being quarantined have caused some problems, but it’s not as bad as we think. If we just try to reduce close contact with people outside of our families, this will all end very soon.