Why is Quarantine Good for People?

Quarantine is actually doing good things beside stopping the spread of coronavirus.


Being quarantined is not as bad as it sounds.

Andrew Chouinard, Staff Writer

Although it may be hard to believe, quarantine has many benefits that go beyond decreasing the spread of coronavirus. Being locked inside at home allows people to work on themselves and do good things. One example is that you get to spend more time with your family. You can play games, talk, and build a stronger relationship with the people you love.
A second example of why quarantine is good for people is that you can rest, or just take a break from the stress of school, work, college, or any of the other daily struggles that may be bogging you down. You can just relax, watch T.V., Netflix, or YouTube, and try to forget about all of your worries. It is just a little moment to rewind.
For a third reason, you can pick up a new hobby. Some may collect items or make crafts, others may just play games- both video and board- to pass the time. Being locked in your house all day gives you the time to find something you love to do, or just something to make quarantine go by faster and more enjoyably.
My fourth and final reason depends on whether you are willing to commit to your mental and physical health. If you are an athlete, you can practice in your backyard. But if you’re more of an inside person, then you can find videos on the internet to exercise and maintain a healthy routine.
Being locked in your house is not always a bad thing. There are many activities you could do that will make being quarantined more entertaining. Having the opportunity to try new things and make new habits is still open to you, even while remaining at home.