Sunset League Predictions 4/8

Credit: Los Alamitos High School

Credit: Los Alamitos High School

Trevor Hart, Sports Editor

The 2019-2020 high school boys volleyball season is over due to the coronavirus. This season was just about to start league, but unfortunately was cut short. However, one of my first articles this year was predicting how the league standings were going to unfold, but since there will not be a 2019-2020 league standings, I am now going to predict how the 2020-2021 league standings end up.

Starting with the fan favorite, Los Alamitos, I believe they will be undefeated in their division (the wave division) going 6-0 and beat Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach and Newport Beach as well in league, but fall to the kings of the sea down in Corona del Mar. Their final record in league should be 9-1.

The second team in the wave league that I think will surprisingly have an amazing year is Marina High School. For the past decade now, Marina has placed last in the sunset league every year except 2012, and I believe this year they make playoffs and have a decent team, as a lot of their key players on their roster have been on varsity since either their freshman or sophomore year. The Vikings will most likely get knocked out in the first round of playoffs and finish their league record 4-6.

Fountain Valley will come in at 3rd place next year and will not be going to playoffs. They will most likely end up with a record in league of 2-8.

Now, the final team in the Wave Division that will most likely end up 0-10 this next season is Edison High School. The Chargers, ever since 2019, have been losing key players on their roster and the most notable player, Cole Power, now plays division one volleyball at UCLA.

In the Surf Division of the Sunset League, I believe that although Huntington Beach High School was the favorite in winning all of league and even CIF last year, it was because they had seniors that were all spectacular and some of them are committed to play D1, but because their season got cancelled and the next season coming up is the 2021 season they will not have some of their highly skilled players with them and will probably go 3-3 in their division and just barely make playoffs sailing past Newport Harbour. Huntington Beach in league, however, will go 5-5 as they will most likely lose to Los Al and CDM twice and fall to Newport once.

Laguna Beach will again be the punching bag of the Surf Division in 2021 and might fall to the Wave division next year if they end up going without a win. I predict they will go 0-6 in their division and 4-6 in League.

Newport Harbour, like Huntington Beach, will go 5-5 in league, but again like Edison high school, continue to lose special players that go D1. Newport will go 3-3 in their division, but will not make the playoffs this year.

Finally, Corona Del Mar, I believe, will go 9-1 in League, securing the Surf Division title, but will lose to Los Al once next season. There is a good chance they go far in CIF, but with other high schools in Orange County next season like Los Al, Mira Costa and Mater Dei, the competition will be intense.