Tips To New Students or Rising Seniors

With the school year coming to an end, future seniors and freshmen should know these few tips for the coming year.


Seniors are preparing for a whole new beginning. (Photo Courtesy of Carina Sofelkanik)

Adalie Landa, Staff Writer

As the school year comes to an end, new freshmen and seniors begin to wonder what is crucial in order to survive the coming year that follows. In this article, I’m going to be talking about some tips that will make the coming school year much easier! First off, always writing your schedule down on either the school planner or a planner of your own will keep you very organized and will make sure you finish everything you need to do for the day. I know in middle school they always encourage it, but in high school you realize why they want you to use the planner. Using a planner applies to both new freshmen and seniors. Also, physically writing something down has scientifically proven to be more efficient in remembering than typing it. Now, specifically freshmen, it is crucial that you understand the importance of not procrastinating. Procrastination is one of the factors that usually affects most freshmen, which causes them to fall behind for the rest of the year. For coming seniors, preparing for the big college essay throughout the year or in the beginning of the year is a huge stress relief. If you make a list of what you want your essay to be about, you’ll have a better idea when actually writing the essay. For freshmen, one of the best things that you can do to prepare is to attend orientation as well as visit your classes on your schedule in order from first period to sixth period before your first day of school. This will make you comfortable when school starts when you walk from class to class. Also, don’t be afraid to ask anyone where anything is! Your counselor as well will be glad to give you advice on what classes to take. For seniors, counselors will become a very familiar face if you haven’t talked to your counselor that much for the coming year. And to freshman, please don’t skip class or not care about your grades because freshman grades still count towards your GPA. Get ready for another great year!