Spotlight: Senior From Improv

*tips hat* Let me introduce you to the talented Daniel Baker.


We’ll miss your skill, kindness, and humor Daniel! (Photo Courtesy of Daniel Baker)

Megan Jun, Staff Writer

Improv is a skill not many can master. It requires quick thinking on stage and a comedic mind to make the show interesting and hilarious. One particular person has easily mastered this skill, being able to quickly improvise and think up lines on the spot. This person is Daniel Baker, a senior at Los Alamitos High School. He is a captain of an improv team and has been in improv for all four years of high school. He first joined improv as a freshman because it seemed like a very fun elective to take part in. He was nervous, of course, but learned quickly that improv was something that was fit for him. Daniel soon excelled and became a captain in improv. Although he is leaving LAHS, he still brings along several pleasant memories. “[One of my fondest moments in improv was when] Louie Gallagher once said ‘Daniel can be whatever he wants to be!’ after I accidentally used Spanish female pronouns,” Daniel reminisces. He also brings with him attributes that have grown from improv throughout his four years. “I’m a lot more confident and optimistic about myself,” he says. “I’ve really found something I enjoy doing, and I try to bring it into every aspect of my life.” Although he is unsure if he will pursue a career in drama, he will definitely keep performing as a hobby and never stop. As he leaves high school, he says he’ll miss the people in improv very much. “The best thing about improv is definitely the people. I’ve never met a group of friends that I love more than them. I’ll miss [them] more than anything. These kinds of friendships don’t come around too often.”