Star Senior: Amira Aiad


Beautiful inside and out, Amira Aiad is truly a star senior who has made the most of her high school experience and brought joy to others in the process.

Jackie Bond, Staff Writer

As the 2020 school year comes to an end, it is time to honor some of the incredible seniors who have worked tirelessly these past four years to not only endure high school, but also to improve it for others. One student that embodies this senior strive for excellence is Amira Aiad. Amira is a Los Al senior who has devoted much of her high school experience to bringing others joy through theater. Amira is a star actress in Advanced Drama, and she has performed in a number of Los Al plays, her favorite of which was Godspell. When I asked Amira about her role in Godspell she said “I gained so much from that experience, and the cast and crew just felt like a family by the end of it”. From how Amira describes her fellow thespians, it is clear that they truly are a family who will miss each other dearly. One thing Amira will miss most of all about performing at Los Al is the “comfort and love” she feels when looking into the crowd and seeing all those she loves right before going on stage, which she describes as “a moment of pure bliss”. Amira is now off to Orange Coast College to start the next chapter in her life. When I asked Amira about her future she responded “I don’t have a set path for my future career but acting is one of the things I’ve come to love and I’m hoping it’ll make its way back into my life later”. Amira is not quite sure where her future will lead her, but it is clear that wherever it may be, it will be very bright.