Senior Baseball

The baseball team here at Los Al is amazing.

Andrew Chouinard, Staff Writer

As the school year comes to a close, we have to recognize the things that the seniors have done for their teams and school. This article will be about the Varsity baseball team and the things they have done.
Since the season did not really get to start up because of the recent pandemic that has caused our school to close for the rest of the year, the team did not get to play and reach their goals. But that does not stop them from preparing for when they can go and reach that goal. The team came into the season with a goal of trying to win a ring. That is a great goal give the players something the train and prepare for.
The team did achieve some things even though the season did not get started the way they probably hoped for. They achieved coming together as a team, and getting better together. But it is unfortunate that the team will not be able to play together again because their season was cut short. Senior and player AJ Haygood says “I will miss being able to go out to the field everyday to play with my closest friends”.
This team is their family and they have and even bigger family that thanks them for giving them a great baseball team and for achieving the goals that set out to complete.
Thank you to our varsity baseball team and we wish you all luck for your future careers in baseball or whatever career path you decide to take.