Senior Scholar: Genyss Duncan


Genyss Duncan is much more than just an incredible student, she is also a future zoologist and a true friend who will be missed dearly as she heads to Bucknell University.

Jackie Bond, Staff Writer

Another star senior that deserves recognition is Genyss Duncan. After four years of hard work, Genyss is leaving Los Alamitos High behind and taking her school spirit and devotion to a new school: Bucknell University. Genyss will be attending Bucknell University for Animal Behavior to pursue her passion for zoology. When I asked Genyss about what she is looking forward to in college, she responded “I’m most excited about getting to focus on my academic interests and do research”. She is “also excited about meeting new people and living on [her] own”. Genyss clearly has an adventurous, independent spirit, which will serve her well as she enters her newest adventure- Freshman year at Bucknell University.
When asking Genyss about her high school experience, she responded “I got a free shirt out of it”, and what more can any high schooler ask for. But a free shirt isn’t the only thing Genyss is leaving high school with; throughout her four years at Los Al, Genyss has made countless memories and long-lasting friendships that no amount of distance can take away from her. Genyss’s favorite high school memory is making crepes and french toast in AP chem after the AP test. Genyss says she will miss a lot about her experience at Los Al, but above all, she will miss being a part of the Los Al show choir and seeing her friends at school each and every day. I have known Genyss ever since the seventh grade, and I can honestly say that she is one of the smartest, most determined people I have ever met. It will be sad to see her go, but there is no doubt in my mind that Genyss will thrive at Bucknell University and go on to do incredible things.