When In Doubt, Twirl It Out

Nikki Calub is a senior at Los Alamitos High School who has been positive and has shown determination through all of her four years.


Nikki Calub is always striving to have more confidence in her dancing. (Photo Courtesy of Nikki Calub)

Adalie Landa, Staff Writer

While dance is both an enjoyable sport and art, it is a difficult area to easily accomplish. Not only does dance require some flexibility but also needs to be backed up by strength, balance, and the ability to make it look both fun and easy. Nikki Calub, a senior in the Los Alamitos dance program, has done exactly this and more. She is in Advanced Dance as well as the co-captain of the dance team in the Los Alamitos dance program. She has been dancing since she was five years old and has been dancing competitively for six years. Nikki had first initially joined the Los Al dance program in her freshman year where she “thought it’d help [her] find a sense of community as [she] entered high school”. Ms. Jones, the teacher and director for the Los Al dance program, says that Nikki “is truly something special as a dancer stylistically and in the passion she emotes when dancing”. Ms. Jones also says that Nikki “exudes kindness and positivity in all that she does. She is an inspiration and role model to all who know her!” Nikki is now majoring in Occupational Therapy at USC and gives credit to dance for inspiring her to follow this path. She will miss her friends, the Los Al Loco spirit, the dance program family, and the walking distance from Volcano Burger! To new dancers joining and to dancers who are continuing the program, Nikki says “appreciate dance show moments! I’ll admit the weeks leading up to it can be crazy, but those three performances go by so quickly. Show days are hands down my favorite part of the program and as we’ve seen this semester, sometimes they aren’t even promised… so soak it all in when you can”.