Valedictorians of 2020 (Pt. 1)

Listen to four valedictorians speak about their high school experience.


Here are two of LAHS’s valedictorians: Justin Kim (left) and Leela Fredlund (right). (Photo Courtesy of Justin Kim and Leela Fredlund)

Megan Jun, Staff Writer

It’s not easy to get through high school. You need patience and integrity to break through and finally make it to the end. Valedictorians do this and more. They put extra effort to excel higher than the requirements. They are leaders, role models, and inspirational. This year’s ten valedictorians are Dilara Flor, Leela Fredlund, Stephen Kelman, Justin Kim, Noah Kim, Daniel Lee, Alexander Lew, Chris Pak, Adrian Pedroza, and Hannah Robinson. I wanted to know more about these valedictorians and what made them so unique, so I interviewed four of them: Justin, Noah, Alexander, and Leela! This interview will be split into two different articles. Let’s let them take it away:
(Some answers were simplified.)

1. When did you join LAUSD?

Justin: I joined the school district in 6th grade. I went to school in Korea before that.
Noah: I’ve been in LAUSD since kindergarten. I went to Hopkinson and Oak.
Alexander: I joined LAUSD in kindergarten in 2007.
Leela: I joined LAUSD for kindergarten, so I’ve been here for a while!

2. What’s your favorite memory at LAHS?

J: My favorite memory is the annual state competition for the Japan Bowl. It’s a super intensive day where we compete in Japanese related topics, and after that, we have a lot of fun at LA. We would eat some rad Japanese food and chill out.
N: My favorite memory at Los Al would have to be laugh-crying nearly every day of sophomore year during and after English (shout-out to Abby Young, Lia Mafi, Carly Hug, and Kimmy Wong for always contributing to the clownery).
A: My favorite memory is tied between going to Yogurtland with Cross Country and having a beach bonfire with Science Olympiad.
L: This one is tough…it’s hard to pinpoint a favorite, but for some reason I always think of the time my lab group made crepes one day in AP Chem. It felt very surreal haha!

3. What’s your favorite thing about Losal/LAHS?

J: My favorite thing about Los Al was the Race on the Base event every February. Even though I never directly participated in the race itself, it was always fun volunteering for the event with friends and cheering for the racers.
N: My favorite thing about LAHS would probably be the senior lot. Even though it is always chaotic (and floods terribly), it’s impossible to have a bad time there since you have complete freedom to blast Nicki Minaj at full volume and freely act the fool.
A: The wonderful and amazing people there!
L: I love the variety and accessibility of classes and extracurriculars! It seems like the school tries to encourage trying different things by making it so that you don’t have to choose only one option. Being able to try different activities let me explore my interests and refine my aspirations.

This is where the first part ends. Again, this article is split into two parts. So be sure to check out the second one for more on our valedictorians!