Valedictorians of 2020 (Pt. 2)

Let’s continue our interview with our wonderful valedictorians!


Here are two of LAHS’s valedictorians: Noah Kim (left) and Alexander Lew (right). (Photo Courtesy of Justin Kim and Alexander Lew)

Megan Jun, Staff Writer

Welcome back to our interview with Justin, Noah, Alexander, and Leela! If you want to see the first part, please search for “Valedictorians of 2020 (Pt. 1)” on the Griffin Chronicle website. Without further ado, let’s continue:

4. What makes Los Al special?

J: The teachers are what made Los Al special. Most of the teachers truly care about their students’ future, and they work tirelessly to make our experience amazing.
N: The thing that makes LAHS special would have to be the people. I know that this is probably the biggest cliché, but the eclectic student body never fails to surprise me.
A: Los Al is a very well-rounded school that can balance extracurriculars with academics. There are so many opportunities because of this!
L: This is kind of similar to my first answer, but I feel like because Losal has so many diverse activities and opportunities, it isn’t very cliquey. Because of this, it has allowed me to meet people who I otherwise might not have.

5. Which college are you going to and what major will you take?

J: I’m going to UC Berkeley and majoring in environmental science.
N: I’ll be attending Boston College as a part of the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program. I’m not sure what I’ll major in but applied under philosophy.
A: I’m going to UC Berkeley and majoring in electrical engineering and computer science (EECS).
L: I will be attending MIT! I’m trying to decide between a double major in chemistry and philosophy or a double major in physics and philosophy. Not sure which yet…

6. What’s your dream for the future?
J: I want to be an urban planner.
N: I don’t completely know what my dream for the future is. I’d like to explore this planet as much as possible, make other people happy, and ultimately do something good for the world. I think my best bet will be to trust my intuition and see where my adventures take me.
A: I want to change the world for the better.
L: I’m still trying to figure my future plans out, but I’d love to earn my PhD and become a professor.

7. What advice would you give to your freshman self?

J: I want to tell my freshmen that health comes first over everything else. Make sure to find balance between your health while maintaining your academics and athletics. Spend time with your friends and family, and make sure to show that you love them and you care about them.
N: I would tell my freshman self to cherish sleep while it’s still easily attainable, and to take more photos so that my camera roll could host enough good memories to make it a bit less like the meme dump that it has become.
A: Never doubt your abilities. You don’t need to compromise.
L: I would tell my freshman self to actually check the answers to my homework for classes where the answers are in the back of the book or posted online, even though it takes more effort. I’ve done SO much better in classes where I actually see what mistakes I’m making, and I feel like I’m learning more too. Also, I’d tell myself to get involved in more activities freshman year even though it may seem a bit intimidating.

Thank you to Justin, Noah, Alexander, and Leela for answering my questions. Good luck to all seniors going off to college, incoming freshmen, and of course to new seniors, juniors, and sophomores. We’ve made it through 2019-2020 everyone, see you next year!