Spotlight In Ceramics: Cassia Park

Cassia Park gives advice to those who are thinking about joining the ceramics class


Cassia Park shares a photo of her and one of her pieces from ceramics.

Adalie Landa, Staff Writer

Art is one of the many things in life that takes lots of time and effort to make the whole picture. Cassia Park is a senior artist at Los Alamitos High School who takes ceramics class with Mr. Carthew. Cassia Park says for those who were deciding if they wanted to join ceramics to not expect to succeed on the first try. Ceramics is all about getting messy along with trial and error. In Cassia’s first semester, she struggled with throwing, a process in ceramics, and also overglazed several of her projects. So do not be hard on yourself during the process. Cassia says “It’s important to pay attention to Mr. Carthew’s demos and ask for advice. As you progress, you begin to understand the process and make improvements.” Cassia also says to expect to get messy in ceramics. One of the many surprises you’ll experience during your time in ceramics class is that ceramics requires a lot of time. Cassia mentions “It isn’t just throw a vessel and you’re done; you have to wedge the clay, prepare water and tools, create the form, clean the wheel, wait to trim the form, fire the greenware, glaze the vessel, and then fire again. The process takes a lot of effort, but it’s a sign of control over the piece.” The satisfaction of finishing a project that you’ve worked so hard is truly one of the joys of ceramics. Cassia mentions observing it’s beauty and feeling its texture is very fulfilling. Overall, Cassia says “Lots of good things have happened in room 652. From the stressful rush of trying to perfect a thrown piece while trying to clean up and the next class to the smell of newspaper burning in trash cans, I don’t think anything can quite substitute the experiences I’ve had in the classroom”. Cassia will miss the other ceramicists in her class and states that ceramics has “been the highlight of my years at Los al”. Cassia will continue to work with clay at Middlebury College in Vermont.