Benefits of Ambition


Do not let fear of failure prevent you from ever reaching success.

Jackie Bond, Staff Writer

There are three types of people in this world: those who are blessed with intelligence, those who work hard in spite of their lack of natural intelligence, and those who are too lackadaisical to find out which type they are. High school is a trying time for all teenagers. These four years of arduous classes and intensive workloads separate the hard working, ambitious students from those who are determined to simply get by in school and in life.
Many teenagers are too afraid of their own failure to even try; they refuse to put in any effort so that they have an excuse when they fall short. This form of “mental handicapping” prevents self-doubting teenagers from living up to their potential and trying to do anything more than merely survive high school. But struggling does not breed failure; failure can only be attained by giving up and accepting defeat.
The difficulty and monotony of school does not justify a student’s lack of effort. It may sound harsh, but if you simply give up on school the entirety of your future will be drastically affected. The indifferent, lethargic teenagers who choose to risk their future by devoting four years to having fun are far less likely to succeed later in life. Many potentially bright students are willingly sacrificing their education in a desperate attempt to escape a couple of hard tests and homework-filled nights. Although high school may seem pointless and unnecessary at times, it is much more than just a useless obstacle that all are forced to overcome. High School is a stepping stone for the future. Not only does high school allow students to enter the crazy, incredible journey that is college, it also provides students with the perseverance and determination they need to succeed in life. So, I implore you to simply try; try your best and eventually the world will reward you with the success and fulfillment you seek.