Keeping Faith Alive


Regardless of what God(s) you believe in, keep believing and stay strong during this difficult time.

Jackie Bond, Staff Writer

As a devout Catholic and youth leader at my local church, I am one of many struggling to maintain my usual religious devotion while quarantined at home. This week is especially difficult as we approach Easter and are forced to celebrate Holy Week indoors and away from our religious community. Personally, I have never missed an Easter mass in my life, and I plan on continuing this tradition even in the midst of this crisis. While all in-person masses are canceled state-wide, many churches are hosting virtual daily or weekend masses on YouTube by recording or live streaming the services. These services provide the same homilies and spiritual healing of Sunday mass without leaving the safety of your home. I have been able to “attend” a mass at my church, St. Cornelius, and a youth homily with the Life Teen program Anchored; I found both masses to be enriching and worth continuing. So, I will still be able to experience Easter Mass with my family this year through St. Cornelius mass, and I strongly suggest that all my fellow Catholics, or anyone else looking for a little light in this dark time, do the same. Another way I have kept in touch with my religious community is through Zoom. Every week, I am able to “Zoom” with my fellow leaders of youth ministry to talk about how we are handling this difficult time and how we plan to keep our faith alive without our usual meetings and activities. This has helped to calm my nerves and stay in contact with some of the people I love most. Zoom has also allowed me to see my confirmation group of freshman students that I lead in religious education. We meet weekly to discuss our struggles, joys, and prayer intentions and to encourage them to continue building a connection with God and hold onto hope that this will get better. All of these little ways of maintaining my usual religious routines have truly improved my mental state and eased the boredom and loneliness of quarantine. So, do not let solitude prevent you from continuing your religious pursuit and holding out hope for improvement during this time of need.