The Griffin Chronicle

2019-2020 Staff

Andrew Chouinard

Andrew is a freshman at Los Al High School, and this his first year in journalism. He likes to write about sports, and any other events that may be happening at the school. He likes to play baseball, and eat pizza when he can.

Daniel Espinoza

Daniel Espinoza is a junior at Los Al high and he enjoys reading, movies and hanging out with friends. He has a particular interest in sci fi and fantasy and the films and books that accompany them.

Carina Sofelkanik

Carina is a senior at Los Alamitos High School. It is her first year in journalism. She likes dogs and trying new foods from different cultures. She enjoys writing about her peers and things you may not know about Los Al.

Jasmine Mckernan

Jasmine Mckernan is a Sophomore at Los Alamitos High School. I am currently taking a second year on the dance team I believe it has brought me out of my shell and has been an amazing experience to be apart of and has definitely...

Francesca Macomber

Francie is a junior at Los Alamitos High who is taking journalism. She enjoys drawing and writing and is very dedicated to her schoolwork. Her favorite articles to produce are those on current political events, as well as teenage-opinion...

Trevor Hart

Trevor Hart, referred to as Trevdawg by most, is an Elite Los Al Loco, who plays on the Varsity Men's Volleyball Team at Los Alamitos High School.

Rachel Heller

Rachel is a sophomore at LAHS and runs on the cross country team. She is in her second year of journalism. She enjoys going to the beach, journaling and doodling, and going on runs while listening to music.

Jackie Bond

Jackie Bond is a junior at Los Alamitos High School. This is Jackie's first year being a member of the griffin chronicle staff, and she is currently the editor in chief for the 2019 to 2020 school year. Jackie's hobbies include...

Adalie Landa

Adalie is a freshman and loves reading and writing. Having completed a Creative Writing class at UCI this summer she is looking forward in pursuing a career in writing and is excited to be a part of the Journalism Team. Besides...

Megan Jun

Megan is a freshman in Journalism and an aspiring writer. She loves drawing, reading, writing, and sleeping in. She easily forgets simple thoughts but manages to remember the most important of them (miraculously). If she has an...

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